Gadget of the month: Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

Palm brush Cook Shop Leamington

Here at the Cook Shop, we’re all in favour of saving as much time as possible when cleaning your tools after cooking!

That’s why we love the Soap Dispensing Palm Brush by Oxo Good Grips. It makes short work of your washing up, and makes scrubbing pans quick and easy.

You hold it in the palm of your hand – it has a soft, non-slip gripping surface and is contoured for optimal comfort. You fill the chamber with washing-up liquid, and with a light push of the button, soap squirts out of the brush and onto the item being scrubbed. Soap continues to squirt whenever the button is pressed.

The brush head has durable nylon bristles that easily clear away dirt and are safe for non-stick cookware. The set includes a compact storage cup to catch drips and allow the brush to dry. The drip tray is easily emptied using the pour spout. It is easy to keep clean and sits tidily next to your sink!

We've put a great video on our Hints & Tips page showing how it works.

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