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Demonstration Days potato peelers

Our regular customers will know that Saturdays are Demonstration Days at The Cook Shop. This means that we take some of our products out of their packages and make them available for you to try out.

In the past we've had demos of a wide range of kitchen tools, from slicers and dicers to graters and spiralisers. This month we're focusing on peelers.

Now you may think that the humble potato peeler "does what it says on the tin". But we stock around FIFTEEN types of peeler, and you're free to pop in to our shop and try them out. We've even bought some veg for you to try them out on.

Different peelers are suited to different types of vegetables. One of our customers complained that she was constantly slicing off her fingernails! It turned out she was using a modern swivel-headed peeler for small potatoes, when actually a traditional peeler is better suited to the job.

Our potato peelers start at only £1.99, and many customers leave happy with their new peelers in hand, ready to tackle all shapes and sizes of veg!

We're always keen to hear which kitchen kit and gadgets you'd like to try out, so contact us or pop in to our shop at 112 Regent Street, Leamington Spa if you'd like to make a suggestion for the next Demonstration Days.